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Native API online documentation, based on the System Informer (formerly Process Hacker) phnt headers

3 Dec 2023

Process information (#11): NtQueryInformationProcess, NtSetInformationProcess, and 100+ PROCESSINFOCLASS values.

13 Oct 2023

Token operations (#8): Various operations on tokens, capabilities, and AppContainer SIDs. 47 pages, including: NtCreateTokenEx, NtOpenThreadTokenEx, NtQueryInformationToken, NtSetInformationToken, NtDuplicateToken.

24 Aug 2023

Handle/object operations (#4): Object attributes and common handle operations. 33 pages, including: NtQueryObject, NtSetInformationObject, NtDuplicateObject, NtWaitForMultipleObjects, NtClose.

23 Aug 2023

Thread operations (#3): Thread-related functions and types. 55 pages, including: NtCreateThreadEx, NtOpenThread, NtSuspendThread, NtResumeThread, NtQueryInformationThread.