Native API online documentation, based on the System Informer (formerly Process Hacker) phnt headers
#ifndef _WINSTA_H

// The WINSTATIONLOADINDICATORDATA structure defines data used for the load balancing of a server.
    ULONG RemainingSessionCapacity; // The estimated number of additional sessions that can be supported given the CPU constraint.
    LOADFACTORTYPE LoadFactor; // Indicates the most constrained current resource.
    ULONG TotalSessions; // The total number of sessions.
    ULONG DisconnectedSessions; // The number of disconnected sessions.
    LARGE_INTEGER IdleCPU; // This is always set to 0.
    LARGE_INTEGER TotalCPU; // This is always set to 0.
    ULONG RawSessionCapacity; // The raw number of sessions capacity.
    ULONG reserved[9]; // Reserved.


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This type is documented in the [MS-TSTS] specification.