Native API online documentation, based on the System Informer (formerly Process Hacker) phnt headers
#ifndef _NTWMI_H

// Logging every action on every instance of ERESOURCE is almost impossible.
// Especially for highly contented or highly frequently used instances.
// Thus logging an event is done on complete release operations
// or on excessive waits with filtering as follows:
//  1) For contention cases where the releasing thread either:
//      1.a) Has a wait time, e.g. it was blocked before the acquire.
//      1.b) Caused one or more other acquire attempts to be blocked.
//      In such a case every N-th sample is logged.

//  2) For a complete release (with or without contention).
//     In this case every N-th sample is logged.
//  3) Excessive waits.
// Exact mapping and publishing WMI_RESOURCE_ACTIONs as values used
// internally in ..\minkernel\ntos\inc\etw.h.



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